Monday, December 06, 2004

Astrology Sucks

There are twelve kinds of people in this world...

Okay, I have to say something disparaging about, the people who host my blog free of charge, and to whom I owe great debt and gratitude, yet only reward them by posting a blog covering what sucks about them. I feel rude for doing it, and that makes me feel kind of bad. So, I can be persuaded to take this post offline and post an apology for it as soon as the situation is corrected. Here it is.

Why in the hell would any self-respecting company force upon their patrons astrological signs as a required part of their profile? It's not strictly required. I mean, I could elect not to put my birthdate in the profile. But I do like to get the occasional happy birthday greeting (despite that it's just arbitrarily the day I was born on our Gregorian system for tracking days of the year). The thing is, if you enable your birthdate, you're stuck with your zodiac sign showing up on your profile.
Now. you might ask, what's the big deal? Why would somebody care so much about their astrological sign showing up on their profile? Well, it's this. I strive to be an honest and direct person. That means I need to try to be true to myself as much as I can. I see astrology as bad superstition, and any superstition by which people think they can steer their lives perpetuates distractions from genuine learning and improving the experience of being truly conscious beings. Astrology is one of the petty fascinations that distract people from discovering and marveling in the real observable universe. It's ridiculous to believe that somehow distant stars influence our daily existences and cause events in any predictable way. And it's been categorically disproven many times by every kind of logical tests. Inserting in my profile, when everything else about me I share is optional, makes it look like I chose to put my astrological sign in my profile. As if I believe that astrology has merit. If someone were to find my writings inspirational, or helpful, I would never want them to then see I also endorse astrology, and perhaps they feel that it gives more credibility to the whole field. (Or, less important on the grand scale, but certainly important to me: that someone think less of me for believing in such rubbish.) So, when I look at my blog profile and see this, I feel like I'm not representing myself truly; like I'm not being authentic.

[Aside: Again I ask: why on earth would a company think that people would so overwhelmingly desire to share their sign that it would be automatically inserted?


Blogger sparky said...

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Blogger Senshin said...

I have to agree, I did not list my age, but gave it in
my first post and explained that I would not promote superstition.

8:06 PM  

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