Monday, August 29, 2005

Update: Joined the Skeptic Webring--Rejected

Rejected [If you know the Rancid song, hum along]:
I tried to join the Skeptic Webring. Although I had browsed through some of its linked sites many times, it took a recent "well, duh!" moment for me to realize that I can be just as pompous as the next skeptic, so why not put this blog on it? Well, as you can see from the reply below, my content is apparently not abundantly skeptical, or the reviewer was skeptical about the abundance of skepticism. Personally, I think it's because I took Michael Shermer to task in my review of How We Believe. If I were him, I would have rejected the site more for being abusively tedious. But, what are you gonna do?

Here's a contribution:
For any skeptics that stumble across me through the ring, here is yet another way to find cool web content:
  1. Get the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can use this button: Get Firefox!
  2. Get the StumbleUpon plugin. (Tools --> Extensions --> Get more Extensions) This requires you to restart your browser.
  3. Set up a Stumbler account.
  4. Set your preferences to include things like atheism, consciousness, etc
  5. Enjoy stumbling upon new sites with the "Stumble!" button.
Et viola, you can now find cool stuff that the serious web surfers with your interests have already stumbled upon.

Eventually, I may take off the webring link below. I leave it up for now, since I bear no hard feelings whatsoever about the heartless and cruelly cursory rejection I received. None at all.


Blogger quackbuster said...

Your blog is on hold until it has significant skeptical content. Just being a skeptic isn't enough. The blog itself must be dedicated to skeptical information, so that should constitute the major part of its content.


Paul Lee

PS: Contact me when this is the case, and I'll reconsider your blog's membership.

10:09 AM  

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