Saturday, December 11, 2004

Another Divide

My dad recently told me about how he's about to start Lakoff's Moral Politics, which analyzes political views and boils Liberal versus Conservative to their fundaments.

I may need to read this, too. I really enjoyed watching Bill Maher get scolded by Wyoming's Senator Alan Simpson. As a spectator, you could see one valuing wry logic, where a certain level of facetiousness adds agility to reasoning; the other valuing respect and more tradtional values as a way to simplify the problem of how we can all get along better. The senator, firmly in the latter position did not see any sincerity in Bill Maher even though Maher thought he was being deferential to the Senator.

So I'm interested to see what Lakoff has to say. I'm burrowed into several other books at the moment, each equally importantly-pressing and urgent. I think I see this one drifting past my window of awareness, from which it will quickly disappear, despite my keen interest to read it.

Neurons are so slow. Damn this fleshware.

[Okay, I think I found a short work that may be a functional synposis.]


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