Sunday, March 06, 2005

More Blogger Woes: Trackbacks

Having previously blogged my woe over Blogger making superstition compulsory (see "Astrology Sucks"), I am now faced with another Blogger shortfall: no trackbacks.

I'm not an extensive researcher when I get into a lot of things. This means that I often make misteps and muddle my way toward efficiency. When I started blogging, I began by signing onto a free blog site, thinking "What the heck! It's free!"

Since that time I have learned a lot more about blogging. Trackbacks took me a long time to figure out, and I finally figured out why they're so hard to figure out. I got the concept right away. The use was what counfounded me. It turns out that I could not figure it because Blogger has no support for them.

This might be the last straw. I want to start publishing some book reviews, but while I'm facing transition, I am holding back on writing things I really should write up. I suppose that I have to actually do the research to get a better site for my blog. I'm looking over an article, but with so many individual blogs, figuring out the search term to produce better comparative resources has been tough. Anyone got any suggestions?


Blogger Mo said...

Here's a suggestion: respond to the comments that "some" people (named Mo) leave on your blog. "Some" people (perhaps named Mo) only started a blog because Blogger said they had to if they (people named Mo) wanted to comment on Reverend Ted's know-it-all blog.

So stick around Blogger because some "people" (Mo?) don't even know what Trackbackers are.

Whaddya think of that?


7:31 AM  
Anonymous Lloyd D Budd said...

I include a link to this post in my blog article titled "Bye bye Blogger"

5:18 PM  

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