Tuesday, December 21, 2004

MWM Seeks Snowboard for Clandestine Getaways

When Kim and I moved to Park City a couple years ago, I decided that I should try out snowboarding. So like any good American, I went and laid out a couple thousand dollars on equipment for a new sport before I really knew what I needed.

Fortunately I shop at Recreation Equipment Incorporated, which has about the most approachable and knowledgable employees to help with any of your most common outdoor activities for the true nature-lover. They got me into a beginning0-to-intermediate set-up that I have used for a couple winters and have now started to outgrow.

Next on the list is a good board for powder days. (If you live in Utah, having specific-use boards makes sense.) So I'm looking at the K2 Ambush, the Burton Malolo, or a similar Burton board whose name escapes me. I'll probably get this one at Salty Peaks in Salt Lake City. They have demo boards for rent, and at the going rate, I'm now thinking that try before you buy is a good policy.


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